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Clear Aligners

In the past decade, clear aligners have become a very popular treatment option for our patients. The technology of clear aligners has improved dramatically to allow the majority of our patients who would normally need to be treated with braces, to choose aligners instead and get the same great result. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get about clear aligners to get you excited about your beautiful new smile:
Yes! The majority of patients can do treatment with clear aligners or braces and get the same great result. There are even some situations where clear aligners work better than braces! Our doctors will always tell you if they recommend the option of clear aligners or braces equally, or if one option is preferred over the other for your teeth. As long as you wear the aligners as instructed, you can expect amazing results!

Originally, Invisalign™ was the only clear aligner company. When their patent expired, many clear aligner companies formed. The terms “Invisalign ™” and “Clear Aligners” are similar to the words “Kleenex ™” and “Tissues”.


Now, there are dozens of clear aligner companies. We use two different aligner brands in our office: SureSmile Aligners and Orchestrate. Our doctors choose the aligner brand based on our patient’s specific situations. Some of these aligners are made in-house with our 3D printer. Some are sent out to be made at a local laboratory.

Regardless of the brand of aligners, the result of aligner treatment is dependent on our patients wearing the aligners as instructed and our doctor’s treatment plan. Think of clear aligners as a “tool” and our doctors as the “artist.” Many people can pick up a paintbrush, but the artist’s expertise determines the result. Our doctors have trained extensively on aligners. Dr. Ehrler created the O3D Orchestrate™ aligner company! Dr. Gray is an insider for Suresmile™ and has been using Suresmile™ for decades!

All of our aligners are custom-made, BPA-free, clear plastic trays that gradually shift your teeth into an aligned position.

Patients who choose clear aligners generally have fewer appointments, and shorter appointment times than our patients in braces. Clear aligners provide more flexibility for appointment intervals. For example, we generally see our clear aligner patients for 10-12 weeks, but if our patient is away at college or going on an extended vacation, sometimes we can give more trays to accommodate this. Clear aligners are more comfortable and are generally considered more esthetic than braces. It is also much easier to brush and floss your teeth with clear aligner treatment over braces. Braces required patients to modify their diets to be careful with sticky or hard foods. With clear aligners, you simply remove the trays, eat your normal diet, rinse with water, and put the trays back in; thus, no food modifications required. Clear aligners are often a preferred option for our patients who play musical instruments or contact sports. Clear aligners can protect your teeth from grinding and can act as a night guard of sorts during treatment. Clear aligner patients can whiten their teeth during treatment. Clear aligner patients do have the option of some digital remote appointments if needed.
If you choose the clear aligner treatment option for your new smile, you will first have a 3d scan of your teeth taken. This takes approximately 60 seconds using video technology. From here, our doctors and team use this 3d scan to treatment plan and set up your case. In 3-6 weeks, you receive your first set of clear aligner trays. Sometimes we add small temporary attachments to your teeth that aid in specific tooth movements. You usually wear each aligner for one week, 18-22 hours per day, and then switch to the next aligner tray. You are generally given 8-12 trays at a time. The nice thing about wearing each tray for only one week is that you generally don’t have to worry about them getting stained or discolored over time.
Clear aligners are a much more comfortable option compared to braces. The trays are smooth and don’t give you the friction sores you may get from braces initially. The trays can feel tight for up to the first day. We instruct our patients to change to the new tray just before they go to bed, that way the tight feeling is generally gone when you wake up the next day.
Orthodontic insurance often covers a certain amount of orthodontic treatment regardless of braces or aligners, thus if your orthodontic insurance will pay “$1500” of the treatment, for example, you are free to choose either option.
In general, yes! Our doctors will evaluate each patient’s situation, but we have many patients with missing teeth or implants using clear aligners.
Absolutely! Click on this link to see our before and afters photo gallery!


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