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Accelerated Orthodontics

There are many kinds of accelerated orthodontics. The goal is to shorten the amount of time to straighten teeth.  Accelerated orthodontic treatment can reduce treatment times between three and eight months. There are many factors affecting tooth movement, such as environmental, genetic, type of treatment, and type of malocclusion. In some cases, it involves minor surgical procedures. Accelerated orthodontics can be performed with braces, clear aligners, and hidden braces.

The most obvious benefit accelerated orthodontics offers over traditional methods is the treatment time. There can be many reasons for desiring to shorten the time in braces, especially for adults. While there are more adults seeking orthodontic treatment now than ever before, most worry about how long it takes.

If you are interested in Accelerated Orthodontics, schedule a complimentary consultationWe look forward to answering your questions.
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