When Your Retainer Tightens: Navigating the Next Steps

When Your Retainer Tightens: Navigating the Next Steps

If your retainer still fits snugly on your teeth without causing discomfort, you can continue wearing it, even if it feels tight. It’s possible that your teeth have slightly shifted and wearing the retainer for a longer duration each day can prevent any further movement of your teeth.

Try wearing your retainer full-time for a few days to encourage your teeth to move back into their correct positions. If the retainer continues to feel uncomfortable, contact your AAO orthodontist to determine the next steps.

What if the retainer doesn’t fit at all or feels painful?

Don’t force it. Contact your AAO orthodontist, who will evaluate your situation and determine what actions, if any, are needed. It could be as simple as making a new retainer or, if necessary, making some clear aligners to tweak a tooth or teeth back into the proper position.

Trust an AAO Orthodontist

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